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1970 - 1972 Door Data Plate Diagram

Located on the latch face of the left front door

We are currently working on our dataplate decoding database. For assistance decoding your dataplate, please email us at and we will email back the decoded information.


Series Code Engine Code
Assembly Plant Code Numerical Sequence of Assembly
Model Year Code  
Vehicle Identification Number (0S54H 100001
"0" 1970 Model
"S" Assembled at Pilot Plant
"54" 4 Door Sedan
"H" 8 Cyl. Engine - 351 ID - 2 Venturi Carburetor
"100001" First Ford Series vehicle assembled at Pilot Plant during Model Year
"9/69" Built during September, 1969

Body Type Code Transmission Code
Body Color Code Rear Axle Ratio Code
Trim Code District Code/DSO Number
Miscellaneous Vehicle Data (54A B 5A 6 X 33)
"54A" Galaxie 500 - 4 Door Sedan
"B" Dark Maroon
"5A" Black cloth and vinyl
Solid Colors 1970/71 Single digit code
1972 Two digit code
Two Tones 1970/71 Two digit code
1972 Four digit code
(Refer to Soft trim Section for complete instructions
and Trim Code listing.)
"6" Rear Axle RRatio of 3.00 to 1
"X" FMX Cruise-O-Matic Transmission
"33" Detroit District and DSO number when applicable