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1963 - 1965 Door Data Plate Diagram

Located on the left front door

We are currently working on our dataplate decoding database. For assistance decoding your dataplate, please email us at and we will email back the decoded information.


Production Date Code District Code (DSO Number)
Trim Scheme Code Rear Axle Ratio Code
Body Color Code Transmission Type Code
Body Type Code  
Vehicle Data Specification: 54A - EM - 22 - 17K - 26 - 1 - 3
"54A" Galaxie - 4-door sedan
"EM" Viking Blue Lower Body, Corinthian White Upper Body - Conventional Two-Tone
(When vehicle is two-toned the lower body color code will appear first.
Numerals following are for company information.)
"22" First digit "2" represents material - Gleam broadcloth and Crush Vinyl.
Second digit "2" represents color - medium Blue.
(When a trim deviation is used and not serviced a numerical suffix
is added to the Trim Code, i.e. (22-1, 22-2).
If the trim deviation is serviced an alphabetical suffix is added to the Trim Code
i.e. (22A, 22B))
"17K" 17th day of month - October
"26" Washington District (and DSO number when applicable)
"1" Rear axle ratio of 3.00 to 1 (Alpha Code for Equa-lock axles)
"3" Fordomatic (2 speed) transmission

Model Year Code Consecutive Unit Number Code
Assembly Plant Code  
Series and Body Code Engine Code
Vehicle Warranty Number (Same as former Serial Number) "3S62X100001"
"**" Asterisks precede and follow the complete Warranty Number to prevent unauthorized
addition of numbers or symbols
*3" 1963 Model
"S" Assembled at Pilot Plant
"62" (6) Galaxie 500 Series, (2) 4-Door Sedan
"X" 8 cyl. OHV Engine -- 352 CID -- 2 Venturi carburetor
"100001" First Galaxie Series vehicle assembled at Pilot Plant during Model Year
Black background plate identifies a unit painted with M30J (Non-Acrylic) enamel. (Solid color or the lower body bolor when the unit is two-toned. Grey background plate identified as unit painted with m32J (Acrylic) enamel. (Solid color unit or lower body color when unit is two-toned.)