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1960 - 1961 Door Data Plate Diagram

Located on the left front body pillar
(Hyperlinked descriptors on this page lead to decoding tables.)

Use the diagram below to properly decode your original data plate. For trim code information, email us with the trim code at and we will email back the original trim code description.


Series & Body Style Code Engine Code
Assembly Plant Code Consecutive Unit No. Code
Model Year Code  
Serial Number: 0F52W100001
"0" 1960 Model
"F" Assembled iat Dearborn Plant
"52" Galaxie Series -- 4 Door Sedan
"W" 8 Cyl. OHV Engine -- 292 CID -- 2 Venturi Carb.
"100001" First vehicle aseembled during Model Year

Body Type Code Rear Axle Ratio Code
Body Color Code Transmission Type Code
Trim Scheme Code Production Date Code
Style and Body Specifications (54A - BM1 - 32 - 17-K - 3 - 8)
"54A" Galaxie - 4 Door Sedan
*BM1" Kingston Blue lower body. Corinthian White upper body. Conventional two-tone.
"32" First digit '3' represents material - vinyl and body cloth.
Second digit '2' represents color - blue.
"17" Seventeenth day of month
"K" Month of year - October
"3" Fordomatic (2-speed) Transmission
"8" Rear Axle Ratio of 2.91 to 1
*When vehicle is two-toned, the lower body color will appear first in the Paint Color Code space. Numerals following are for company info.

**When a trim deviation is used and is not serviced a numerical suffix is added to the trim code, i.e. (32-1, 32-2). If the trim deviation is serviced an alphabetical suffix is added to the Trim Code i.e. (32A, 32B).