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1972 Ford Galaxie

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The 1972 Galaxie had very similar lines and design to the previous year 1971 full size Ford and Galaxie. Like it's predecessor, these cars were built big, strong, luxurious and quiet. Designed for safety and ultimate comfort, these cars used more steel than most cars built prior. The spacious LTD Brougham was the ultimate model for 1972. These cars sported plush interiors in both two and four door hardtops. The LTD was a step down from the Brougham but was still very luxurious and built for comfort. These were available in two and four door hardtops, as well as convertible, and Squire wagons. The Galaxie 500 was the base model line for 1971. The engine team consisted of a 351-2V, 400-2V, and 429-4V engine. Due to smog equipment and a change in the ratings system, horsepower figures declined sharply in 1972. The options list was extensive, some of the most popular items were: padded instrument cover, air conditioning, cruise control, remote mirrors, power sunroof, high back split bench seat, 6 way power seat, tilt steering wheel, and power disc brakes.