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1971 Ford Galaxie

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The luxurious 1971 full size Ford and Galaxie was designed to be quiet and comfortable. As cars were getting bigger, and luxury was becoming more important, these cars grew with the times. Ford engineered this body to be one of the strongest most durable Ford's ever built. The LTD Brougham was the luxury edition with both two and four door hardtop models, and the LTD convertible. Also produced, was the Galaxie 500, very similar to the LTD with minor trim differences. The Ford Custom 500 was the economy model with all the same features as the other models with slightly less luxurious appointments. These big Fords were offered in seven different engine choices, 240, 302, 351, 390, 400, and 429. The 429 was available in both two and four venturi carburetor options. The 429-4V boasted 360 horsepower for the ultimate in power. The only choice of transmission for 1970 was the Select Shift Cruise-O-Matic three speed automatic transmission. Some of the popular options available are as follows: Air Conditioning, High Back Bucket Seats, AM/FM Stereo, Dual Rear Speakers, Power Door Locks, Power Windows, Power Steering, Rim Blow Steering Wheel, and Tilt Steering Wheel. As the market began to demand luxury, the Galaxie changed to meet the needs of the public and met the buyer with a great deal of comfort and the quiet ride that was being requested.