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The 1970 Galaxie was built bigger and stronger than previous models. These cars were becoming more luxury oriented as the years passed. Ford engineers worked hard to achieve a quiet ride and luxury car comfort for 1970. The lineup was made up of 21 new models . There were several body style choices for 1970, to include: three LTD Broughams, five LTD models, two XL models and six different Galaxie 500 models. The different models were offered in several body styles to include the two door and four door hardtop, two door and four door sedan, sportsroof, and convertible. In 1970 Ford offered six engine choices. The 240 six cylinder was the economy motor, the 302 V-8 was 220 horsepower, the 351 was rated at 250 horses, the big block 390 was 265 horswpower, and for the performance buyer, there was either a two or four barrel carburetor 429 big block power plant rated at 320, and 360 horsepower respectively. For transmission types the 1970 models offered a three speed manual transmission, a 4 speed floor shift, and the Select Shift Cruise-O-Matic three speed automatic. The buyer had their choice of 15 single tone, and 24 two tone combinations for the exterior. Available options were Cruise Control, Reclining Seats, Tilt Wheel, AM/Tape Radio, High Back Bucket Seats, Power Disc Brakes, Electric Defrost, Air Conditioning and a host of other items.