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1969 Ford Galaxie

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The 1969 Galaxie was noted as "Bigger, Wider, Longer, and Quieter". This new Ford grew in size and became even more luxury oriented than previous years. These big Fords were built with more room for the passenger. Still available were the XL models, LTD, in a range of body styles from the attractive Sportsroof and Convertible to the hardtop and wagon models. The XL models were available with either bucket or bench seat options. The Ford power team consisted of the 240 Six Cylinder, the 302 V08 with 220 horsepower, the 390 V-8 with 265 horsepower, the 429 Thunder Jet V-8 with 320 horsepower and the 429 Thunder Jet 4V with 360 horsepower. For transmission types the Full Size offered a three speed manual transmission, a 4 speed floor shift, and the Select Shift Cruise-O-Matic three speed automatic. The buyer had their choice of 15 single tone, and 24 two tone combinations for the exterior, and a large array of interior trim appointments. The 1969 featured a healthy list of options and accessories. Some of the most popular accessories were SelectAire air conditioning, tinted glass, 6 way power front seat, power windows, tilt steering wheel, and rear window defogger.