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1960 Ford Galaxie

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In 1960, the Galaxie acquired completely new body lines. This new year featured the addition of the very popular Starliner body style. The dashing sports car sedan sported a rakish roofline with no door post for the open air effect throughout the car. Ford also produced the Galaxie Club Sedan, the Galaxie Town Sedan, Galaxie Town Victoria, and the Sunliner Convertible. There was also a Country Squire wagon offered with woodgrain body side trim. The 1960 Galaxie shared the same body design as the 1960 Fairlane. The main differences being between exterior ornamentation and interior trim offerings. The 1960 Galaxie was offered in 13 Diamond Lustre Finish paint colors. Five different engine options were available from the 223 cubic inch Mileage Maker Six Cylinder on up to the 352 Super V-8 with four barrel carburetor and was rated at 360 horsepower. Transmission availability consisted of the three speed manual transmission, optional Fordomatic Drive two speed automatic and three speed automatic Cruise-O-Matic Drive. 1960 Galaxies had an extensive list of options and accessories. Some of these were Air Conditioning, Hood Ornament, Rear Fin Mounted Antenna, Exhaust Deflectors, Visored Spotlight Mirror, Front and Rear Bumper Guards, Power Seats, Power Steering, Power Brakes, and Power Windows. Ford marketed the new design as having greater stability than previous models with an additional five feet apart between the wheels for better cornering.