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1959 Ford Galaxie

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The 1959 Galaxie was the first year for the Galaxie model line. The six Galaxie models consisted of the Galaxie Club Victoria, Galaxie Town Victoria, Galaxie Town Sedan, Galaxie Club Sedan, Galaxie Sunliner Convertible, and Galaxie Skyliner Retractable. Each model had it's own features ranging from trim and ornamentation to the retractable top which folded into the Galaxie's trunk. The 1959 Fords were promoted as having "Thunderbird elegance" with all new style. The 1959 Galaxie and Fairlane were virtually the same car other than the ornamentation and model name designation. The cars exhibited an incredible amount of stainless steel and chrome body trim and beautiful three tone cloth pattern interior trim. Possibly the most memorable of all models was the Skyliner Retractable with an all steel hardtop that would gracefully move into the trunk to transform to a convertible in sixty seconds. Some of the available options on the 1959 Galaxie were as follows: Air Conditioning, Visored Spotlight Mirr or, Deluxe Rear Deck Antenna, Sunray Multi Colored Wheel Covers, Flying Elipse Hood Ornament, Power Front Seat, Power Steering, Power Windows, and "Swift Sure" Power Brakes. Available engine sizes were the 292 V-8 with 200 horsepower, 223 Mileage Maker Six Cylinder at 145 Horsepower, 332 Thunderbird Special, and the 352 Thunderbird Special at an impressive 300 horsepower. Transmission options were a three speed conventional drive with an overdrive option, Fordomatic Drive two speed automatic, overdrive, and the three speed Cruise-O-Matic Drive automatic. The 1959 Galaxie were a very well received car from the start and was the the beginning of many more years of Galaxie evolution.